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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  November 16, 2020 6:00am-9:00am PST

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>> we're on your tv. now your smartphone. download the fox news app. get news anywhere. go to the app store. we'll see you back here tomorrow. >> dana: one man arrested and charged with throwing fireworks at trump supporters. shoving matches turned into all-out brawls at rioters confronted trump supporters after the maga million mile march. sandra smith is off today. ifm owe dana perino. >> trace: i'm trace gallagher. the rally was largely peaceful during the day but took a violent turn at night. at least 20 people were arrested. ivanka trump slammed the media
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for the double standard. their total silence about the physical violence against conservatives is shameful and dangerous. imagine the outrage and indignation if this went the other way. violence is never the answer and instigators must be condemned and prosecuted. >> dana: griff jenkins is live in washington what triggered the violence? >> the short answer really is the sun went down. as you guys mentioned it was largely peaceful during the daylight hours. nice day, thousands of pro-trump supporters descended on washington from a cross the country to protest the results in a stop the steal maga march. when night fell as you see from the video it took a violent turn. counter protestors who police tried to keep separated mixed in and fighting erupted in the streets and sucker punches thrown at a man in his 60s and fireworks thrown at diners at a restaurant. a trump supporter at that march
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has this to say, watch. >> it got very violent very quickly. we were out having dinner with the walkaway crew and say antifa and black lives matter marching in the street carrying signs. later in the day i came out of my hotel going to a bar with friends and i was greeted with antifa marching down the street chanting america was never great. >> the president tweeted this about it saying antifa scum ran for the hills today when they tried attacking the people at the trump rally because those people aggressively fought back. antifa waited until tonight when 99% were gone to attack innocent maga people. d.c. police department going and do your job and don't hold back. according to the d.c. police chief he says people on both sides locally and out of town came intent on clashing. the mayor's office giving overall numbers more than 20 arrests made, 7 guns recovered.
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one man was stabbed but fortunately expected to be all right. you see police officers two were injured. they're still looking for information on some of those in these videos instigating things in the crowd. dana and trace. >> dana: thanks, griff. >> trace: let's bring in kris bedford. senior editor at the federalist. a good stepping off point would be to kind of put this on the screen. your colleague at the federalist said perhaps the most troubling aspect of the rise in leftist political intimidation and violence is that these activists seem to have no expectations that there will or should be consequences to their illegal behavior. they don't think the rightness of their cause justify their actions they believe it justifies and demands that nobody, not the police, the media, or the politicians on their side call them out for it all and they think that because
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it is exactly what is happening. is that where we are today, chris, in your estimation? >> yeah, i think we've been there for a number of years now especially with groups like antifa and even black lives matter. they have these names, they put themselves into these historic struggles. antifa against nazi fascist. what level wouldn't you go to to stop hitler. or blm that puts themselves into the civil rights movement when both of them are setting up camps downtown in washington, d.c., downtown is a mess, the mayor has completely ceded ground. not the only mayor who has done this. decorating the plaza. taking over city streets to harass the president. restaurants and hotels shut down so she can pay homage to this group. the police not because they're unwilling to but they don't have political will power to stand up to these guys. if you see a couple groups of
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proud boys out there everyone calls it a right wing riot. if you see thousands of black masks practically unformed antifa thugs attacking people, that's a so-called antifa or the anti-fascist group. that's a lot of cover coming from the media and powerful politicians. >> trace: in the course of this violence we saw a number of sucker punches from left wing activists aimed at right wing people. i think it's amazing to me, chris, where you look at -- you don't know the context where they started but you can see the fireworks. this is all very clear. guy benson as a result of one of those sucker punches writes the following. obvious, unoriginal point, if it were right wingers doing these things to women's march participants it would be covered like a national emergency and every elected republican would be chased down and hectored to condemn the
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violence. amy, should the police be cracking down and covering this more? are we missing a big gap in what's happening on the streets? >> yeah, i think the media absolutely ought to be covering it more. they are covering up for it in a lot of cases because they agree with the mission and think they're part of the resistance as well. they think that republicans and conservatives people marching in the street are red arm bearing nazis and you can justify a huge amount of action. the police i feel sorry for. they want to crack down in this city and other cities but the mayor and city council have held them back. they will be in a lot of trouble if they try to move it forward. they've been unable to. we've seen this for the last five years or so with masked vigilantes and thugs and groups attacking women and elderly and attacking peaceful protestors. i'm not sure exactly other than the sun going down what caused
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the explosion of violence but i can tell you that when diners were out in neighborhoods of d.c. having brunch or dinner, they are attacked with no politics allowed. no politics mentioned. completely unprovoked. this is a pattern with antifa and blm. >> trace: my last response and question would be you go back a couple weeks and you see businesses right before the election boarding up all over the country, right? i was in new york in the time and you see all these businesses being boarded up. it seems to me there is this kind of fear as if crime is no longer illegal and people are concerned about that. >> yes, there is a total fear that things aren't being enforced and a rise in crime in d.c. and across the country. i remember thinking sadly talking to people from other countries here about how their country had to shut down work and election days would become violent in their country. i thought we were fortunate not to have that. going around d.c. and new york
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city and fox news, restaurants, bars, everyone else stores shut down. you couldn't go in. they were boarded up because they expected violence if donald trump won the presidential election. >> trace: chris bedford. thank you so much. >> dana: really important wise points from him. president trump is walking back a tweet that appeared to admit defeat in the election for the first time. the president saying he is not conceding. trump's lawyer addressed that yesterday. >> what he is saying is sarcastic or a comment on the terrible times in which we live and the media said he won. by pointing out it was illegal. he is contesting it vigorously in the courts. they don't have a legal right to call the election. >> dana: two republican governors are urging the president to authorize the biden team to move ahead with transition plans. let's go to chief white house correspondent john roberts live on the north lawn. i guess -- i usually see you at
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2:00. you work all day. >> trace: >> as do you as well. word from the trump campaign this morning is this still has a long way to go before it is over. they have until the electors meet until december 14th to pursue these cases and there is more court action expected in michigan and pennsylvania this week to watch for. president trump also making it clear where he stands on the challenge to the vote count after tweeting something early yesterday that many people took as him acknowledging a biden victory when the president tweeted first thing yesterday morning he won because the election was rigged. after news organizations started writing about that and the president's critics started looking at that as a concession, the president said not so fast, tweeting quote he only won in the eyes of the fake news media. i don't concede. he began tweeting this morning saying i won the election.
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well, president trump still has the support of his party to pursue challenges to the vote. he is under increasing pressure from his colleagues to at least provision nallly allow the transition process to begin to give the biden transition team access to the government resources it needs in the event that joe biden is sworn in as president. the ohio governor saying this yesterday. listen here. >> the president has every right to go into court, every right to bring any kind of evidence that he has and no one should begrudge him or say there is anything irrelevant reg about that. on the other are hand it is clear based on what we know now that joe biden is the president-elect and that transition for the country's sake is important for a normal transition to start through. >> arkansas hutchinson going further saying it's apparent joe biden will become the next president and it was good that president trump acknowledged yesterday morning that joe biden won, which president
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trump says he didn't. the trump campaign also pushing back on reports that it has withdrawn part of its lawsuit in pennsylvania saying that it only restructured a few things because of what it said was a bad ruling on another case out of the third circuit court of appeals, the communications director tim murtaugh saying the fundamentals of our case haven't changed and making the strong argument that 627,000 ballots were counted in secret and we still have that claim in our complaint. we reserved our rights to make that argument. so basically dana where we are today is pretty much where we were last week. remember the old tim murray movie groundhog day? we're living that here in washington >> dana: i appreciate your report. it helped me get caught back up. >> enjoy working for the rest of the day. >> trace: another big drug company reporting positive results for a covid-19 vaccine.
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moderna says its vaccine is 94% effective. it will request emergency approval for the vaccine in the coming weeks. this comes as over 1 million cases of covid-19 have been reported in the u.s. in the past week alone. more than 11 million americans have tested positive for covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic. >> dana: progressive push by bernie sanders. >> these are not far left ideas, common sense ideas that the majority of the american people support. >> dana: the self-described socialist democrat says most americans agree with him on policy but do most members of his own party? the fight between president trump and governor cuomo continues. why the new york democrat is threatening to sue. >> we won't be delivering it to new york until we have authorization to do so. that pains me to say that.
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qaeda was killed in summer in an operation in iran. al-masri was gunned down in an alley in tehran august 7th. he is believed to have planned the 1998 bombings of u.s. embassies in kenya and tanzania where more than 220 people were killed including 12 americans. >> when you are talking about ex parnding healthcare to all people as a human right. when you talk about effectively taking on climate change, when you talk about making public colleges and universities tuition free, these are not far left ideas. they're common sense ideas that the majority of the american people support. >> dana: bernie sanders pushing for more progressive policies in washington saying most americans support them. let's bring in fox news contributor byron york, political correspondent for "the washington examiner".
6:18 am
the "wall street journal" editorial board had a headline why democrats nearly loss the house. the policies not their marketing. it seems that the far left of the democratic party they just don't see that they had anything to do with any of the democrats that lost those races and nearly cost them the house. >> absolutely not. look, this is a very angry debate going on inside the democratic party. by the way, it is the same debate that's been going on for several years. the 2016 bernie/hillary debate became the 2020 bernie everybody else debate. now it's going on inside the house. remember, nancy pelosi said democrats would win seats in the house and they've lost seats in the house. she will still control the house but may have as few as 223, 224 votes and remember, it
6:19 am
takes 218 votes to pass anything. meaning she is going to have to have total democratic unity to pass anything and she will have a progressive caucus that will make demands every time she needs their vote. >> dana: you bring up the numbers. democrats at 219 and republicans at 204. the current balance of power in the house. reports are that nancy pelosi is suggesting to all of her colleagues that might have aspirations to go and work in a biden administration that they not do that because the margins are so thin that if there was a runoff that the republicans might actually be able to pick up those seats. >> absolutely. when the margin is that close she can't afford to lose anybody by retirement, by death, by taking a new job. she just cannot afford to lose anybody. plus she has a lot of members who are very angry at the
6:20 am
bernie sanders and aocs of the world. we found out after the election there was a very angry conference call among democrats in which democrats some centrists by the defund the police movement and the effect it had on their campaign. spanberger who got reelected in virginia but just barely said that defunding the police was the most damaging issue she faced during this campaign. and a lot of centrist democrats are very worried about it and they will view what the progressive caucus advocates with great caution. nancy pelosi will have to try to get them all together when it comes time to vote. >> dana: as the president-elect biden tries to figure out what they'll do in the first 100 days there is a lot of pushing and pulling. the "wall street journal"
6:21 am
editorial board writes the problem is the reality of the program. you can disguise your policies by not calling them socialist but voters will figure out what those policies mean in practice. and as you look at these election results especially in the down ballot races and the fact not a single republican lost in the house and the republicans did well across the board in state legislatures, senate we turn to georgia. to me i wonder if somebody like a bernie sanders go home at the weekend, talks to his friends and neighbors and says everybody agrees with me. it is not reality. >> yeah. this is what always happens. a party or faction, if they lose or they don't do as well as they thought they were going to do, they believe they have a communications problem. they never think they have a substance problem. but the fact is just look what bernie sanders said in those clips that we've been playing. he is talking about medicare
6:22 am
for all, free college for all, guaranteed minimum wage, climate change legislation. bernie sanders believes these are mainstream political positions and the results of the election we've just had do not support that. >> dana: byron york, always a pleasure to read you and follow you on twitter. thank you so much. >> trace: breakthrough in the fight against covid-19, a new vaccine more than 94% effective in clinical trials. that has wall street futures looking up. maria bartiromo joins us next to break it all down plus this. rioters target trump supporters in washington where is the mainstream media coverage of the violence? is there a double standard?
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>> trace: bottom of the hour. time for top stories. washington, d.c. police arrest a man charged with throwing fireworks at trump supporters last night. more than 20 people arrested after violence broke out between protestors and trump supporters after a maga march. >> dana: the united states hitting more than 11 million confirmed cases of covid-19. over 1 million positive cases recorded in the past week. cities and states impose new restrictions to combat a surge in cases and hospitalizations. >> trace: new york governor cuomo threatening to sue the trump administration over the distribution of vaccine. he says changes need to be made to the distribution plan to assure minority and low income areas have equal access to the vaccine. >> we're very excited to announce this morning that the vaccine at the phase three,
6:29 am
real test has shown 94.5% efficacy. deemed appropriate to get the vaccine in the hands of people that need it, the elderly, people at high risk and -- >> dana: another breakthrough in the development of another coronavirus vaccine. moderna announced it was 94% effective in trials saying it will request emergency approval for its use in coming weeks. maria bartiromo joins us now to see how wall street is reacting to the news. you had the big interview this morning. this is very exciting. not just the vaccine aspect but also can be used in treatment. >> that's right, dana. thank you so much. they're looking at this as a serious prevention for covid-19. when i was joined on fox business with the ceo he went through all the things we will learn in the coming weeks. we'll get more information from
6:30 am
his trial three stages and as you mentioned it is 94.5% effective. we'll get more information in terms of a prevention in the coming weeks as he applies for emergency usage from the food and drug administration. we're talking about very good news on the vaccine front. this comes a week after we heard similar news from pfizer, where pfizer said their vaccine was 90% effective in the stage 3 trials. so two major vaccine makers should be on the market with a vaccine by year end and we probably will see wide usage by the spring of 2021. very good news. that's what is lifting all boats this morning. dow industrials higher off the best levels of the morning. there is still a rotation going on, dana, out of technology. some of those stay at home stocks which soreed during the pandemic. >> dana: can i ask you how important it is for a company like pfizer or moderna or
6:31 am
johnson and johnson when they embark on something like this. it is risky. operation warp speed that trump and pence put together to push it through, how important was it for those companies to have basically that insurance to know that if they did everything they could, pulled out all the stops to see if this would work, otherwise would they have not taken the risk? >> that's right. it was very important to get the president mobileizing the entire industry. he did it through his own commentary that we will have a vaccine by year end rounding up pharmaceutical companies and he also tried to deregulate the fda. take out some of those red tape issues, those bureaucratic issues that get in the way of fast approval. so the fact that he lowered regulations within the fda. fast movement approval from stage 1, 2 and 3 mobilized the
6:32 am
entire industry. they also did distribution deals. they did distribution deals with pfizer and with all of the vaccine makers to insure they can distribute this in a refrigerated mode across the world and in the united states in a very short time frame to get ahold of the covid vaccine and the covid pandemic. >> dana: all of that is good news. it might not be coming soon enough for people living in new york and deciding to leave the city. the number was interesting. i know you love the city. here is this. 295,000 residents have submitted for a change of address form and the partnership for new york city head kathryn wild said the reason is you have more than half a million city residents employed in the retail, restaurant, service sector. they lost their jobs and can't afford city rent. late decision reopening public schools forced many families to
6:33 am
relocate where they could make enrollment deadlines where they were living during the pandemic. we love this city. it's an important economic city for the country and the world. where do you think things are right now? >> it's a mess, dana. it is an important story we need to cover. you are seeing people leave new york city in droves and yes, you can take what kathryn wild is saying as part of the reason. there are other things as well. this is a security issue. people are afraid to go back to new york because the homelessness population has skyrocketed and we have the bail reform that is in place meaning that if you are arrested, you get checked in, you get processed and you are right back on the streets. you no longer have to come up with bail money. so criminals are getting processed going right back on the street and that's scaring people. you are seeing crime shoot up, shootings are up, robberies are up in new york city. so it has as much to do as the fact that we don't have the
6:34 am
services we used to have because of covid as it does policy. these are policies from andrew cuomo and the mayor of new york and as a result you are seeing crime numbers go higher and that is one of the reasons people are fleeing new york. not to mention taxes. they are expecting taxes to go higher. we know that mayor deblasio has already raised taxes. it has gotten very expensive and safety issues are real, dana. >> dana: not to mention the cleanliness of the city as well which is a problem in addition to the crime. thank you, maria. >> trace: speaking of andrew cuomo the new york governor threatening to sue the trump administration if it doesn't plan to distribute a coronavirus vaccine equally among americans. we're live in new york city. christina, why does cuomo believe the administration's distribution plan is discriminatory? >> because the vaccines would come from private enterprises. think like a cvs or walgreens
6:35 am
for example. unfortunately not all of those chains are in lower income communities and most often aren't in communities of color. so new york governor andrew cuomo believes this distry booution coming from the white house could be discriminatory. these comments that the new york governor would possibly sue the administration came yesterday and president trump said he would withhold the vaccine from new york. governor cuomo in september said he would create his own independent task force to review any type of immunization or vaccine before distributing it for the public. you have the argument between politicians but businesses and citizens caught in the middle. i spoke to the owner of wine and spirits here in chelsea what it means for her business to hang in limbo. >> i wish both of them would stop and give us the vaccine.
6:36 am
by not giving it to new york is ridiculous. it is not like i can't cross five miles into new jersey and get the vaccine over there. >> new york and many businesses across the country can't return to normal without a vaccine and you've had shutdowns, lockdowns possibly new ones coming around the corner. that's hurting businesses which is why everybody just wants this argument or this petty argument back and forth to stop so that everybody can become healthy again. unfortunately right now you have this air of limbo. back to you. >> trace: christina live for us in new york. thank you. >> dana: former president obama urging president trump to concede the election but at least one legal expert says let the courtroom challenges play out first. plus senator bernie sanders distancing himself from fellow progressives on one key issue. is this another sign of fractures within the democratic party? >> making sure that police
6:37 am
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>> trace: world's top golfer gets a green jacket. dustin johnson won the masters. this is his second major championship. he won the 2016 u.s. open. the masters took place in november rather than april because we are in the middle of a pandemic. >> dana: democrats dismissing the idea of conflicts within the party despite weeks of rising tensions over the direction for the future. minnesota congresswoman omar saying differences on positions show the democratic party welcomes a broad range of ideas. >> when you think about our party nancy pelosi says we're a
6:42 am
big tank and that means we are a big family. we all have our own constituents that we have to serve. we're part of a caucus that is working on behalf of the people, we think of ourselves as the party of the people. >> dana: joining us now to discuss is gopac chairman david avella and mary anne marsh. i get the democrats want to project unity as republicans have tried to do in the more recent past. does this pass the smell test that everything is fine? >> the democratic party has always been this way. no surprise. it looks surprising to a lot of republicans who have followed donald trump off the cliff the last four years but the fact is one person's opinion or several or dozens doesn't define a party. the democratic party goes from joe manchin, joe biden, barack obama, ilhan omar and alexandria ocasio-cortez and
6:43 am
everyone in between. so i think that's the reality of the party versus again the republicans where you only have on occasion mitt romney standing up to donald trump and even to this day no one is standing up to donald trump. >> dana: david, speak to that in terms of the issues, though. for example, defunding the police. let me play you a little bit of sound from bernie sanders on that issue. >> nobody i know who is running for office talks about defunding the police. what we talk about is making police officers accountable. making sure that police departments do what they can do best, figuring out how you deal with mental illness and homelessness. whether those are, in fact, police responsibilities. >> dana: your thoughts on that. >> it is a flip of the coin whether it's the ideas that democrats disagree on are more harmful than the ideas that they agree on. whether it be ideas like if you
6:44 am
don't do what federal democrats want to do they will withhold federal funding as it comes to the police. whether it be making -- upending the energy sector so gas and oil prices are more. no democrats being against a tax raises that biden is talking about which would take capital away from creating new jobs. here is the one thing we do know. every nfl coach is the envy of nancy pelosi and chuck schumer because no matter how much they lose, if you look at last week's election they still get to stay in leadership. >> dana: there won't be any changes at the top it looks like. those leadership elections. mary anne how do these issues that republicans have said that they were going to fight against, defund the police, medicare for all, free tuition, affect those very important senate races down in georgia? >> the fact is joe biden wants to give police more money. so does barack obama.
6:45 am
so they are better trained. to hold as bernie sanders said police accountable. if you watch the murder of george floyd police can do a better job across the board. more money in community programs to lessen crime. when you look at those kinds of things and things like raising the minimum wage and other items, those are the winning numbers in georgia. that senate race comes down to turnout and nothing else. if you turn out everybody who showed up in november in january democrats win both seats. >> dana: the georgia senate races. >> it's a republican leaning state but keep in mind the biggest threat to democrats are voters who can read. it was the democrat bill sponsored by pelosi and schumer and kamala harris that said local police forces that don't do what the democrats want to you do take money from local police forces. i'm a simple guy from west virginia but that sounds like defunding police at the state
6:46 am
and local level which as a percentage of gdp. >> dana: they can fight it out in georgia. >> reminder, biden won georgia. looks good going into january. >> dana: david and mary anne, pleasure to see you this morning. >> trace: another breakthrough in the fate against covid-19. one drug maker reports its vaccine was almost 95% effective in clinical trials. some of hollywood's cancel culture targets are now fighting back. carley shimkus has that next.
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>> trace: some celebrities pushing back against the cancel culture after several big stars were trolled on social media for their political views. let's bring in carley shimkus. always great to see you. make sure i have this right. the filmmaker amy berg asked twitter it's time to cancel one of the hollywood chris's, chris pratt or evans or pine and they chose chris pratt because of his apparent political views, right? >> yes, that's absolutely right. so i can't decide which story i feel is more ridiculous between this one about chris pratt. also something going on with vince vaughn. it proves that no matter how old you get some folks just never grow up because like you said, this tweet went viral about who is the least favorite hollywood chris. people chose chris pratt out of
6:52 am
the four of them because he is reported to be a conservative. he has never endorsed a candidate before. and he also is religious. apparently that is an awful sin in terms of a lot of folks who are liberal. he is seeing support now from his brother-in-law, patrick schwarzenegger. >> he is married to one of the schwarzenegger daughters. his brother-in-law says it's crazy. twitter is a junk yard. every day there is something, people are calling out this person or that person. people are so focused to put other people down to make themselves feel better. it is sad. i heard the filmmaker who started this thing thought maybe we've gone too far on this. >> i would say so. i remember when this happened a couple weeks ago. even mark ruffalo extremely liberal came out and supported chris pratt and so did robert
6:53 am
downey jr. really proves social media brings out the worst in people. folks who know conservatives or democrats aren't going to demonize or criticize them. it's about the keyboard courage we like to talk about a lot. >> trace: keyboard courage is a great phrase. vince vaughn and the kerfuffle was because he had the audacity to have a football game to shake the president's hand and man, the outrage was just palpable. vince vaughn came out. it happened in january of 2020 where he shook the president's hand. but this week vince vaughn came out saying in my career i have met a lot of politicians who i've always been cordial to. met nancy pelosi and was cordial to her as well. i think people are more charged than ever about this thing but i don't think most people take this stuff as seriously as the small percentage making noise about it. my question there would be, carley, sometimes these cancel culture things have serve
6:54 am
consequences. in some cases there are consequences to people who were canceled. >> i was remembering your interview that you did earlier this hour with chris bedford where he was talking about how attacks against trump supporters are either down played or deemed understandable to some people in the media and some folks on the left. because trump supporters are viewed as all that is evil. that sort of mentality is why you have people canceling or trying to cancel vince vaughn for doing something as simple as shaking the president's hand. i do think that it does come back to bite the party because it is very silly. also people within the democratic party can't even live up to their own rules. you think about katy perry who faced a lot of criticism for saying she still loves family members of hers who are trump supporters. she is a democrat. you can't always live up to
6:55 am
these types of things. it is quite silly. i think a weakness within the party to the left. >> trace: maybe there is a lesson to be learned from the country music awards where they steer clear of politics all together. carley shimkus, great to see you as always. for more stories like this make sure to tune into fox news prime time. our powerful lineup stands for what is right. tucker carlson beginning at 8:00 p.m. eastern followed by hannity at 9:00 and the "the ingraham angle" with laura ingraham at 10:00. >> dana: i have to tell you about this. an answered prayer in the desert. final seconds of the arizona cardinals, buffalo bills game. quarterback tyler murray with a hail mary pass and it is caught by hopkins in the end zone with three defenders around him for the touchdown. cardinals get the victory 32-30. how did i do? >> trace: you were great on that. the cardinals are coming out today saying you know what?
6:56 am
we think we had that planned. it wasn't all luck. we got in the right position. hopkins was in the end zone and we think that this is something that we could do again. me? that would look like hail mary first and foremost once and for all. that was a great catch by hopkins. >> dana: i always wanted to call a play like that. thank you so much, trace, for letting me. trump supporters attacked following a maga march in washington, d.c. police arrested dozens in the chaos on the streets of washington little said about it in the mainstream media. is there a double standard? when former house speaker newt gingrich joins us next hour. we also made usaa for military spouses and their kids become a member. get an insurance quote today.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
>> trace: an explosive scene following the million maga march. the day ended if violence. police arrested 20 people after fights broke out across the city including one man charged for throwing fireworks at trump supporters. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm trace gallagher. dana, good morning to you. >> dana: i'm dana perino. sandra smith has the day off today. the violence breaking out after
7:01 am
sunday down. anti-trump activists targeting trump supporters. most of the media ignoring the violence. lawrence jones wondering why president-elect joe biden remains silent instead of condemning these attacks. >> i'm worried about the president-elect whose job is to unify. that's what he told us in his speech. so everything else deserves a national address, maybe that's a national address. maybe he should have went live from delaware and told people to knock it off. >> trace: newt gingrich is former speaker of the house and fox news contributor. good morning. i want to put you have ivanka trump's tweet on the screen and get your reaction. the media's near total silence about the physical violence perpetrated against conservatives is shameful and dangerous. just imagine the outrage and indignation if this went the other way. violence is never the answer. instigators must be condemned and prosecuted.
7:02 am
mr. speaker, does that pretty much sum it up for you or would you take it a step further? >> i think prosecuted is about right. you know, abraham lincoln was very clear even during the civil war that the first duty of government is to establish order and on two occasions in baltimore in 1861 in new york in 1863 he had to send the army in in order to reestablish order. the district of columbia is a federal district. the mayor should be put on notice that the whole issue of home rule ought to be revisited. portland has been 150 days now. by the way, the election of biden is not going to slow this down. the left might have gone crazy if trump had gotten reelected, but nobody on the hard left and antifa is a terrorist organization. nobody on the hard left will be
7:03 am
nice because biden is president. they will exploit every weakness. the violence will get worse and frankly, as a conservative i find it very sobering to think that in my own country i could have somebody break into a restaurant or attack me on the street. i think this is a real threat to america as a country. >> trace: you talk about the hard line between conservatives and the progressive side. mr. speaker, we showed ivanka trump's tweet and i want to show you billy baldwin, a hollywood actor and he wrote in response to ivanka's tweet quoting sweet billy b with a gentle reminder it's your daddy and husband inciting violence and debate with his good people on both sides and stand back and stand by rhetoric and constant rigged fraud stolen and i won by a lot tweets. in other words, blaming the president for the violence against conservatives.
7:04 am
>> what you are seeing happen, antifa goes back well before trump, it has just gotten better financed, more dangerous. what you are seeing happen is a fight for control of the streets just as you are seeing a fight for control of news rooms, a fight for control of the colleges. the left is on offense and if they can, they say this openly, if they can, they intend to hunt down and eliminate every conservative and cost them their jobs. i notice there was a woman lawyer in pennsylvania reporting today that she is being harassed for representing trump in a lawsuit. this kind of stuff is really dangerous and frankly reminiscent of germany in the 20s when the nazis and communist fought huge street battles to see who would dominate the streets. between black lives matter and
7:05 am
antifa, you now have the first really continuing street war in modern american history. >> trace: you talk about dangerous. a good point is steve scalise who almost lost his life after being shot by a bernie sanders supporter. he tweeted the following last night. last night real donald trump supporters were attacked and beaten by left wing mobs on the streets of d.c. where is the media outrage? why aren't democrat leaders condemning it? political violence has so place in america and i've seen this firsthand. the worry is that it escalates. >> sure. i thought steve showed enormous courage and came back through rehabilitation and a model for all of us. but anybody who is a conservative has to have a concern that you could literally be at a picnic, at a ballgame, you could be walking down the street shopping, and a bunch of thugs can come up and the current model, the news media wouldn't cover, the
7:06 am
police wouldn't arrest them and the local soros funded prosecutor wouldn't prosecute him. it all gets more and more dangerous and will lead to a very aggressive backlash at some point. i think that will increase the danger for the whole country. >> trace: former house speaker newt gingrich. thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you. >> dana: another leap forward in the fight against covid-19. moderna raising hopes with a phase 3 trial finding their vaccine is nearly 95% effective. alex azar is hailing the good news. >> now we have pfizer, we have moderna, and thanks to president trump's vision we've been making both of those and four other vaccines at commercial scale production. we believe we'll have enough for 20 million americans to get vaccinated in december. >> dana: laura engel has more on this promising development. >> this is big news in the fight against covid-19 as
7:07 am
biotech companies continue to race to find a vaccine that will both be safe and effective. and just this morning we got this news the could moderna says their vaccine appears to be 94.5% effective according to preliminary data in the company's study of 30,000 vounl tiers. a ceo spoke with maria bartiromo this morning and said their scientists are working around the clock to get their vaccine ready. >> yes, so the approval will happen i think in december. and in the first quarter to have full approval where every american who wants the vaccine that is of 18 years of age or over can get access to a vaccine. >> you heard it at the top. health and human services alex azar releasing a statement on
7:08 am
the news. he writes operation warp speed has provided about $2 billion if funding and operational support for development, manufacturing and eventual potentially delivery of the moderna nih vaccine. the news coming one week after pfizer announced its vaccine with a rate of over 90%. he is noting pfizer's accomplishment. two vaccines made by two companies is most reassuring and give americans hope of returning to a normal life. pfizer and moderna. they hope to have 50 million globally by year's end. >> trace: while the u.s. appears to be close to getting a coronavirus vaccine the nation's top infectious disease expert dr. fauci warns it won't
7:09 am
mean an automatic return to normal. >> i think that if we get most of the country vaccinated in the second and third quarter of the year and the vaccine continues to prove its efficacy and people adhere to those fundamental measures i think we can start approaching the -- it won't be a light switch, jake. we won't turn it on and off. going from where we are to completely normal will a gradual accrueal as the weeks and months go by as we get well into 2021. >> trace: he recommends everyone continue practicing social distancing and wearing masks after a vaccine becomes available. >> dana: former president barack obama seemingly taking another swipe at the trump administration while discussing how our global rivals view the united states during this transition of power. listen. >> i think our adversaries have seen us weakened not just as a
7:10 am
consequence of this election but over the last several years. there is an old adage that partisan politics should stop at the water's edge, right? that when it comes to our foreign policy, that it is the united states of america, not the divided states of america. >> dana: obama later went on to say he doesn't believe president trump is the cause of the division but calls him an accelerant. >> trace: house leaders are reportedly urging their democratic colleagues not to leave congress to join the incoming biden administration. peter doocy is live in wilmington, delaware. good morning. what are democratic leaders trying the avoid, exactly? >> special elections, trace, that could put their majority in danger and could potentially imperil speaker pelosi's speakership according to a report in the "new york post"
7:11 am
citing a democratic party leader as nancy pelosi saying this. nancy is telling house members now is not the time to leave. we do know of at least three democrats public about their desires to leave congress if they get a better offer. marsha fudge would like to be agriculture secretary. a michigan congressman would be labor secretary and illinois congressman mike quigley saying he was talking about as a job at the state department. if the runoffs in georgia don't go blue any biden cabinet nominee will acquire the approval of a republican controlled senate. even though some republicans are saying it would be very difficult for bernie sanders to be confirmed, sanders is coy about behind closed doors talks. >> have you had any conversations with anyone from the biden transition team about a possible cabinet post? >> i talked to the biden
7:12 am
administration. i want to do my best in whatever capacity as a senator or in the administration to protect the working families of this country. >> the biggest hint that the president-elect has given us so far about his cabinet is that the picks will be diverse so they look like a country. we expect to hear from him here in wilmington later on this afternoon. trace. >> trace: peter doocy live in wilmington, thank you. >> dana: a closer look at some tax filings raising new question about president-elect biden's cancer charity. a look at this. >> three, two, one, zero, ignition. >> dana: historic mission for spacex over the weekend. what the launch means for the future of space travel. >> we change humanity as we explore as one for all. attention veterans,
7:13 am
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>> trace: a new report from the "new york post" shedding new light on president-elect joe biden's cancer charity. the paper reviewed tax filings said they spent most of the contributions on staff salaries between 2017 and 2018. more than $3 million. but it reportedly gave nothing
7:17 am
to research. the president-elect co-founded the charity in 2017 after his oldest son beau biden died of brain cancer. >> dana: arizona congressman andy biggs is asking president trump to withdraw troops from afghanistan and iraq and to do it in time for the holidays. he points to a lack of progress in some counter terrorism efforts in those countries as a reason to bring the troops home. writing in a letter to the president nation building doesn't work as you immediately recognized upon taking office. afghanistan and iraq today are clearly not bee cons of democracy, stability or prosperity despite the american lives and money to try to remake those countries. joining me now is arizona congressman and house freedom caucus chair andy biggs. thank you for joining us today and this morning as i try to figure out how to fill in for sandra smith. i do want to ask you about the timeline because the deal was made between the taliban and afghan government is supposed
7:18 am
to come to fruition in april of 2021. taliban hasn't made good on its part of the deal at this point. is this a little premature to try to bring everyone home before the holidays before the deal has a chance to mature? >> well, dana, good morning and glad you are filling in. i will tell you this. i don't think it is premature. we've been trying to draw down and bring troops home for almost four full years and the deal with the taliban is not fully supposed to come until next spring but we continue to spend dollars and put our troops at risk over there and we're not seeing any measurable progress as far as what ultimately became the new objective which was state -- nation or state building. that's not happening over there. the stability that's in the region now in any form is south of there and as a result of
7:19 am
president trump's policies. you aren't seeing much going on in afghanistan or iraq as far as stability. keeping our troops there puts them in harm's way. >> dana: president trump had to come into an administration in 2017 and defeat isis because of the vacuum that was allowed to exist under president obama's leadership. now we know that isis is actually kind of moving into afghanistan seeking to have relationship with the taliban. any concern there? >> yeah. there is always concern there but i think what will happen as a realist in my interpretation of foreign policy and international relations, what you'll see there will be some balancing. it will be internal balancing within afghanistan. afghanistan is effectively -- i don't want to say a failed state but a state there is a lot of turmoil. you'll see internal balancing and they'll settle it out. same thing in iraq to a certain extent as well. when that happens, you will see
7:20 am
some stability eventually come in. it may not be the type of government or regime we want or would likenessly. it certainly won't be a western-style democracy but in the end it may actually provide some stability for that nation and stability in the region. whereas right now it is all been laid upon us. i'm not sure that we've been as successful as we would like to have been. >> dana: acting defense secretary said, chris miller, a change from last week in case people don't remember the name. he said ending wars requires compromise and partnership. we gave it are all. now it is time to come home. that might be a clue what they're thinking in the trump administration. can i ask you one question? you have been long interested in the issue of social security and the biden -- incoming biden administration, this is his social security plan. he wants to expand the payroll tax on people earning over
7:21 am
$400,000. do a 12.4% payroll tax split between employer/employee and he thinks that this would project to extend social security solvency by five years. you are willing to talk about social security. what do you think about this idea? >> i'm not sure that i've seen the actual cbo run of numbers on what he intends to go with. i will tell you this, we do need to find a way to keep our promises to the people we've promised they would receive social security benefits. when i talk to constituents all under the age of 45, for instance, they will tell me andy, we don't think there will be anything left for us. we really are seeing this tremendous amount of pressure imposed upon workers. so we have to keep our promises but we have to make it solvent. and that's going to take some tough discussion and i'm glad he actually proposed something. i just am not sure how well it
7:22 am
will work and to deincentivize people to work. you are attacking small businesses. that may be problematic as well. we need to come with some real grips with how we keep the promises but understanding that we will have to make some tough decisions going forward. >> dana: you do. it's a fascinating policy issue. nobody likes to talk about it but we have to talk about it if we want to solve it. thank you so much, congressman. >> thanks, dana. >> trace: evacuations underway with hurricane iota expected to become the strongest storm yet in this record-breaking season. plus former president obama jumping in with some advice for president trump. >> my advice to president trump is if you want at this late stage in the game to be remembered as somebody who put country first, it's time for you to do the same thing. aaaand welcome back to guess the price.
7:23 am
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7:28 am
>> dana: bottom of the hour time for top headlines. the u.s. reporting a million new cases of coronavirus bringing the nationwide total above 11 million. this comes only one week after the nation reached 10 million cases. that's a fastest increase since the pandemic started. >> >> trace: anti-trump protestors attacking protestors after the million maga march. a man arrested after throwing fires works at trump supporters on a restaurant patio. >> dana: hurricane iota heading to central america. it will likely become a category 5 storm before hitting the mainland later today. >> zont -- don't rush to judgment. it is important that so many
7:29 am
tens of americans feel right now disenfranchised. let's get the facts in allow the case to run its course. >> trace: there shouldn't be a rush to end the legal challenges to the election. his point, let it play out. tom dupree join us now. he said let's watch and see where it goes >> i have to say i've looked at these complaints and the margins that the deficits that the president faces in these different states and it is impossible to see a path to victory for the president at this point. i know that he has alleged widespread fraud but the fact is they don't have evidence of that in these cases that are pending in the various states. i just don't see a viable path to victory through the courts for the president to get the election results overturned at this point. >> trace: you take the same
7:30 am
side as a professor at harvard. he said let the jury speak. the jury of an unprecedented magnitude. he looked at the lawsuits and he said there is nothing to turn it over. the idea is maybe we should let it play out and give the voters more confidence in the process. some are saying look, there is nothing here that will overturn the results in four states. >> i think the problem that the president faces is that this is not like bush versus gore where you were talking about a margin of a few hundred votes. here the president is facing tens of thousands of vote deficits in multiple states. it is hard enough to move a few hundred votes one way or the other through litigation. when you talk about moving tens of thousands of votes and you have to do that in multiple states, i think it is virtually impossible for the president to do it especially because his
7:31 am
lawyers haven't put in the evidence of fraud that they promised. we just haven't seen that. i'm looking for it. they haven't put it into the court filings. >> not to say there weren't problems with the mail-in ballots. we've said states saying we got several ballots that has been documented. there were some problems with the mail-in ballots mostly because we had this vast number of mail-in ballots. what you are saying here is even if you add the mail-in ballot problems that you really need to find some hard proof that tens of thousands of people's votes were incorrect. >> yeah. the thing is look, we have to take election integrity seriously. the foundation of our country. if we can't have faith and confidence in the strength of our electoral process all is lost. the fact is there just isn't evidence of the sort of scale, magnitude, volume of fraud that the president would need to flip this outcome.
7:32 am
i'm not saying that we would ignore evidence of voter fraud where it's there and that we have to be rigorous in looking at it and getting to the bottom of it. when you talk about moving 20,000 or 30,000 votes that's a huge task and the president's lawyers haven't put the evidence into the court filings yet to support that outcome. >> trace: here is ohio governor mike dewine, a trump supporter. he says maybe we should do a little of both. watch. >> it is clear that certainly based on what we know now that joe biden is the president-elect. and that transition for the country's sake it's important for a normal transition to start through. and the president can go on his legal track. we should respect that but we also need to begin that process. >> trace: would it be so bad, tom, if we were to follow both paths and we let the transition go on, we facilitate that but at the same time we let the legal process go on and maybe
7:33 am
we wait until december 14th until the electors all decide they cast their vote? >> right. simply by allowing the transition process to begin doesn't mean you have to withdraw and forfeit defend -- you wouldn't be saying we would a bab done the litigation and that sort of thing. it is basically saying we'll insure that the incoming administration when the votes are confirmed and congress approves and certified the new president-elect is in the position to take up the reins of power. it is not overlooking the evidence of vote fraud. >> trace: thank you, sir, we appreciate it. >> thank you, trace. >> dana: spacex made history last night by sending four astronauts on the landmark mission to the international space station. watch.
7:34 am
>> it rises, not even gravity contains humanity as we explore as one for all. >> dana: three americans and one japanese astronauts is the first fully crewed flight for nasa by a private company. the capsule is named resilience and is expected to dock at the international space station later tonight. >> trace: a day of good news/bad news for the economy. wall street forecasters are warning there could be a double dip recession as we see a rapid increase in the number of covid cases. meantime investors today are hailing the arrival of another potential vaccine. this time from moderna. it is reported to be nearly 95% effective. that news sending the dow higher this morning. you can see there 408. almost to 30,000. that, by the way, is a record
7:35 am
at the corner of wall and broad. >> dana: senator bernie sanders now clarifying where he stands on law enforcement reform. what he is saying about the defund the police movement next. >> talks about defunding the police. what we talk about is making police officers accountable. that's how much veteran homeowners can save every year by using their va benefits to refinance at newday. record low rates have dropped to new all time lows. with the va streamline refi there's no appraisal, no income verification, and no money out of pocket. one call can save you $3000 a year.
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>> trace: fox news alert on the new arrest in the college cheating scandal. prosecutors say a former fencing coach at harvard took 1.5 million in bribes. that money came from peter brand trying to get his two sons admitted to the school. the operation known as varsity blues has brought a number of charges most famously against two actresses. laughlin is in prison right now.
7:40 am
>> nobody i know who is running for office talks about defunding the police. what we talk about is making police officers accountable. making sure that police departments do what they can do best, figuring out how you deal with mental illness, how you deal with homelessness. whether those are police responsibilities and make sure police officers aren't killing innocent fri.s that's not defund the police. >> trace: that was bernie sanders clarifying what he wants to see with law enforcement reform and largely distancing himself from the defund the police movement and some of his progressive colleagues. let's bring in tom bevan, co-founder and editor at real clear politics. always good to see you. for the record i want to put this up. bernie says nobody is talking about defund the police. this is alexandria ocasio-cortez and she said i'm quoting here, very little ambiguity of the statement.
7:41 am
defunding police means defunding police. it does not mean moving school police officers from the nypd budget so the exact police remain in schools. she is pretty clear about that as well as talib, omar, presley, they have all been very forthright about defund the police. when bernie sanders says nobody is talking about that, seems a little disingenuous. >> it's a lie and he knows it is a lie. all those folks supported his campaign. the problem for democrats is defund the police did not poll well. it was a disaster for democrats all across the country. and they suffered a loss of anywhere from 9 to 12 house seats as a result. and we saw in the aftermath of this election there are plenty of democrats who said we have to stop talking about it. jim clyburn said that. we have to stop talking about
7:42 am
it. a majority of democrats support the idea, huge majorities of republicans are against it and independents are against the idea of defunding police. he is trying to paper over this issue because it was such a disaster for them this past november. it is a discussion that will continue within the democratic party moving forward. >> trace: but you made a great point there, tom. they are papering over the issue. why not come out and say we have rethought this thing and we made a mistake. instead you hear politician after politician say nobody ever said anything about defunding the police. don't they think we have record machines in the control room where we can record these statements? why not just come out and say you know what? we thought about it, it is probably not the best way forward. >> look, part of that is the media holding these folks to account and following up and saying but bernie, you know, your supporters who just stood for reelection. it's a failure on the part of the media, i think. joe biden came out and said he was not for defund the police.
7:43 am
the defact owe leader of the party. the conversation will continue within the party among the more progressive of the members of the democratic caucus the rest of the party wants to shift the discussion and move away from that and talk about things like shifting dollars around within police departments to handle more of the social services aspect of policing. >> trace: you bring up the progressive wing of the party. do you see a scenario, tom, where nancy pelosi, there seems to be this internal battle in the democratic party. do you see a scenario where nancy pelosi has to go out and play indicate some of the progressive members because the democratic majority is narrowing and if you want to get stuff done at some point you are as the house speaker going to have to work with some of those people on the far left. is that a fair scenario? >> sure. she was trying to manage this last time around. it was easier when you win 40 seats. now when you lose seats and people think you are supposed
7:44 am
to win seats and you have your moderate wing pushing back and say we need to get more to the center and progressives saying the reason the democrats lost was not too far to the left and they should have gone further. both sides are digging in. it will be tough sledding for her to manage this moving forward. >> trace: maybe the defunding thing didn't help them in the election. now you talk about defunding the pentagon. there are now democrats defunding the pentagon and if the first one didn't work about police why would you think the second one is going to get some traction, tom? >> i don't. i don't think anybody thinks that. again, that's a radical position that is way out of the mainstream. again, democrats have to be very careful. the next thing that will happen is the mid-term in 2022 where they could lose control of the house of representatives if they let those progressive impulses from the left wing of
7:45 am
the party get out front and make arguments like we need to abolish ice and abolish the pentagon and abolish police. those arguments will lose them the house of representatives in two short years. >> trace: abolish the dea and customs enforcement and the list goes on and on. always good to talk to you. thank you. >> thanks, trace. >> dana: a major breakthrough in the race of a coronavirus vaccine. moderna announcing its vaccine is over 94% effective. will politics keep people from embracing it? >> no medical breakthrough of this scope and magnitude has ever been achieved that rapidly and quickly. we're very proud of it. i had tremendous help from the military, generals, admirals and many of the great people at the white house. this holiday season,
7:46 am
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7:50 am
>> dana: a woman charged in the deaths of her two children. police in arizona are looking into the death of her third husband. the death was ruled a heart attack but she received -- vallow and her fifth husband are awaiting trial in charges of the death of her two children. >> trace: cops say they have caught the guy who sucker punched actor rick moranis. the post reports the 35-year-old suspect has a long criminal record with 13 arrests. moranis said he had pain in his head, back and hip after the
7:51 am
attack. >> dana: moderna giving a boost to the hopes of containing the covid-19 pandemic. they will apply for emergency approval of its vaccine within weeks and dr. marc siegel joins us now. let's get your general reaction to that news this morning. >> i'm very excited about this. first of all, this will be the second vaccine that could be approved for emergency use at around the same time. it will double the amount of doses we might be able to see. i see certain advantages here of moderna over the pfizer vaccine. not 94% versus 90%. 30,000 people were studied under moderna. of the 90 who got sick only 5 of them had received the vaccine and none of those five
7:52 am
got very sick at all. it really is a dramatic result for how effective this vaccine is. second, the nih is overlooking this vaccine looking at it very closely. i've talked to dr. fauci multiple times. he is the point person on this. you know, we talk about dr. fauci a lot but his number one role in the world, he is one of the top vaccine specialists in the world. he is very excited about this vaccine. it also can be stored at temperatures not as cold as the pfizer vaccine. it can be kept in a regular freezer so it can go around to regular pharmacies, which is what health and human services has been setting up. >> dana: we have to see what we can do about getting people to feel confident and taking this vaccine. listen to dr. murphy on "fox news sunday" yesterday. >> unfortunately we know from recent polls that a significant number of people are worried the process of developing the vaccine, approving it may have
7:53 am
been politicized. it is up to us to help them understand what the science says. having experts review the data and making the data available so people outside the government can review it. >> dana: what does it take, dr. siegel, to get people that trust, that confidence that they should feel that they need in order to take the vaccine? >> that's a great question, dana. the first thing i think is to show that we're willing to take it. i will be on the front lines with this. i want to take it early and say to all my patients i took it. i did fine. you can take it. if they see you are going to take it they might think about it. second point is that the messenger rna only stays in your body for a brief period of time. a couple of days. people will be reassured by that. they may have the flu-like symptoms and that will be our biggest hurdle. how do we get people to tolerate flu-like symptoms or headache for a day or two and
7:54 am
then it goes away. it does the work we need it to do to generate a robust immune response. i'm excited about this and other vaccines we're working on as well that will be out soon. >> dana: if you show you are willing to do it. as long as we wouldn't be taking a vaccine away from more vulnerable people. everyone on the five said they would do it live on air. i have a question. is the moderna vaccine one where you need two shots? >> correct. by the way the reason i would take it is i'm on the front lines treating covid patients. i see covid patients. i see them in my office. two shots about three or four weeks apart necessary. you can store the moderna vaccine in your refrigerator for a month. that's another advantage it has over the pfizer one. we can get the dose, have them in one place and have people come back. but we'll have to talk to them about the side effects which are minimal but not nothing. we have to talk people through
7:55 am
that. that will be a huge challenge. we have so much vaccine hesitancy in this country. we have to overcome it here. we have great people at risk and we'll have to get them the vaccine. >> dana: it is important to start talking about that now. there could be side effects. i have a friend in one of the trials who said on the second shot it was a kick in the rear and a day or two of not feeling good but then everything was better after that. that's something that we'll count on your counsel to help us through. thank you so much. >> dana, we have to get it to poor communities, too. the underserved communities need this shot the most. >> dana: absolutely. thank you, dr. siegel. >> thank you. >> trace: a peaceful pro-trump rally in the nation's capital turning violent. video showing leftist rioters attacking trump supporters. is the mainstream media turning a blind eye? member out there, if you're thinking about buying a home you should come to newday usa first.
7:56 am
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8:00 am
to the election. here is john turley, a law professor. >> it is still possible that he could produce evidence of systemic widespread errors or fraud. it is just we're long on allegations and rather short on evidence. >> trace: let's bring in john roberts. he is live on the north lawn. good morning. >> good morning. the trump campaign indicating to me this morning that it is far from over. they feel the hard deadline is december 14th when the electors are seated and meet to vote on who the new president will be. so there are still a number of weeks they have to go to pursue these challenges. the trump campaign also saying they expect to see some movement in courts in both michigan and pennsylvania. and the president making it clear where he stands after a tweet he sent out yesterday morning which was widely described as an acknowledgement that joe biden was indeed the winner of the election. the tweet from the president started quote he won because the election was rigged.
8:01 am
after news organizations started writing about that the president's critics said he is conceding the president said no, i'm not. no way, no how tweeting. i concede nothing. we have a long way to go. it was a rigged election. the president capping off the day yesterday and beginning the day this morning beginning with a tweet that said i won the election. now while the president still has the support of many people in his party to pursue challenges to the vote he is under increasing pressure from some colleagues to provision nallly allow the transition process to begin. ohio governor mike dewine said he should give the biden access team to the government resources he needs. the president took a rip at dewine. the gubernatorial race isn't until 2022. after his comment that the trump administration should transition to bind. who will be running for governor of the great state of
8:02 am
ohio? will be hotly contested. arkansas governor going further than governor dewine did. listen to what he said yesterday. >> i expect joe biden to be the next president of the united states. good actually to see president trump tweet out that he won. i think that's a start of an acknowledgement. it is very important that joe biden have access to the intelligence briefings to make sure that he is prepared during times of transition. >> again hutchinson reading the tweet the president sent out yesterday morning as an acknowledgement that joe biden won. as we explained the president has soundly denied saying that he is still in it and that he is going to win it. we'll see. the trump campaign also saying that reports that they withdrew part of their lawsuit in the state of pennsylvania are not true. they are saying they simply restructured the lawsuit after a decision from the third
8:03 am
circuit court of appeals on a different opinion. the communications director for the trump campaign saying in a statement the fundamentals of our case haven't changed. we're making the strong argument that thousands of ballots were counted in secret and poll watchers were denied access and we still have the claim in our complaints. we reserved our rights to make that argument. we're where we were a week ago. like the movie groundhog day. >> trace: john roberts live for us at the white house. john, thank you. >> dana: it's raining tims, john. violence in washington following the maga million march. watch this. trump supporters attacked in the d.c. streets. trump flags and maga hats burned. one man was arrested for throwing fireworks at the
8:04 am
pro-trump crowd. watch. the mayor's office says at least 20 arrests were made. griff jenkins is live in washington tell us more about what started the violence? >> good morning. apparently all it took was the sun went down. what began as peaceful marching and rallying during daylight hours at thousands of pro-trump supporters turned out to protest the election results took a violent turn as night fell. counter protestors many from antifa and blm mixed in. fighting erupted. five works were thrown at maga marchers and hats were burned and a man in his 60s was sucker punched for no reason. >> it got very violent very quickly. we were actually out having dinner with a walkaway crew and we saw antifa and black lives matter marching in the street
8:05 am
carrying signs. i came out of my hotel going to a bar with friends and instantly greeted with antifa marching down the street saying america was never great. >> the president drove past supporters before the rally tweeted afterwards. antifa scum ran for the hills today when they tried attacking the people at the trump rally because those people aggressively fought back. antifa waited until tonight when 99% were gone to attack innocent maga people. d.c. police get going and do your job and don't hold back. d.c.'s police chief says his officers tried to keep the groups separated but people on both sides came intent on clashing. in the mayor's office just giving us some brand-new numbers overall 21 arrests have been made. 8 gun recovery, one man stabbed and four officers injured in the evening. now police are still looking for information on some of those instigating the violence
8:06 am
seen in videos and the mayor is holding a press conference. we'll bring it to you as the news breaks if we get anymore info. >> trace: is the lack of police intervention or democratic leaders disavowing violent protests giving demonstrators the impression they can get away with it? the federalist says refusing to apply the law to violent leftist is normalizing violence. james freeman is a member of the "wall street journal" editorial board. i want to put up more of that federalist op-ed writing the clear and obvious answer is that much of our society and almost all of the elites in our society have sent them a clear message that there are no consequences for leftist political violence nor should there be. the news media runs apologetic features about how sad the whole situation is. james, it reminds me you see these videos on social media all the time of groups go sboong places like wal-mart and
8:07 am
target walking out with arms full of stuff because they know it is not a crime. if they take out $1,000 or less worth of merchandise it is not a crime. nobody is going to stop them. it feels that way for these street protests and these various violent things that we're seeing now. your thoughts on that. >> yeah, it has been disappointing this whole year seeing how much tolerance there is for violence on the left, in the media. among politicians as well. it is good to hear we're arresting some in washington but you look at the appalling images and suggests there should have been more than 20. i hope those 20 are prosecuted aggressively now. but this has been a story of the year. you are seeing a result in terms of people feeling the need to board up your businesses before election day. what a disgrace. a statement they don't have confidence in local government to do its basic function of public safety. if you ask a lot of d.c. police
8:08 am
officers they probably wanted to be more aggressive to prevent that failure to protect citizens. >> trace: you say you hope they're prosecuted forcefully. they haven't been. all summer they have been processed and released. they're at the next protest the next night. what would happen if we did crack down? >> i think there is a pretty clear message from americans that they want public safety. it seems insane we have to say this that people don't like looting. you did see democrats losing seats in the house. i think that was part of the reason. a dissatisfaction with this extremist ideology that excuses certain types of violence and looting. people laughed about the mostly peaceful protests this summer. of course, it's serious business and it is the basics that you expect from local government. we are seeing in this area of
8:09 am
new york people fleeing the city. whether it's d.c., new york, seattle where the police chief resigned without having the support of local government, we need to see if these cities want to avoid the disaster, a signal from government that they are going to protect our most basic rights. >> trace: i want to play this sound bite. former president obama on 60 minutes talking about president trump potentially as a dictator. watch this? >> i think that there has been this sense over the last several years that literally anything goes. and is justified in order to get power. and that's not unique to the united states but that's not who we are supposed to be. >> trace: and former governor mike huckabee, i don't have time to put it on the screen reminded the president look, it was you who spied on
8:10 am
journalists during your term. your final thoughts on this, james. >> he is the worst spokesman for this cause. he used the espionage act against this network and went after the associated press and getting journalist phone records and also we should say is the man who presided over the manufacturing of a bogus collusion case at the f.b.i. against the duly elected president donald trump. barack obama is absolutely the worst person to be lecturing about constitutional norms and the protection of rights and journalistic freedom. as for the free press, they will miss donald trump when they're gone. despite their rhetoric it has been a boom time for people in the media. >> trace: james freeman good to see you as always. >> dana: fox news alert. another breakthrough in the fight against coronavirus. with a second potential vaccine more than 90% effective. details on how soon you could
8:11 am
get the shot. update on when the much awaited durham report comes out. the report the president and his allies will show the russia investigation was a political vendetta. california governor newsom facing backlash for attending a glitzy party while asking residents to stay home and away from their families. do the powerful get to live by their own set of rules? and ivanka trump slamming the media for not speaking out against violence toward conservative protestors. is the mainstream media down playing the issue? joe concha with his take next. >> what we saw in washington should be chilling for all of us. that was a peaceful protest until night came. we've seen this pattern before and then people were attacked because they were expressing their political views. attention veterans with va loans. record low mortgage rates have just dropped to new all time lows. veterans can refinance their loans with
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8:15 am
the long awaited report on misconduct during the russia investigation could be released in the near future. jim jordan expects u.s. attorney john durham will make his report public before long. >> mr. durham is doing his work. i expect a report real soon.
8:16 am
like you i'm frustrated it didn't happen sooner but you and i can't prosecute anyone or indict anyone. all we can do is get the facts out to the american people. >> dana: president trump and allies hope durham will uncover criminal evidence of a deep state effort to defeat the 2016 trump campaign and then to undermine his administration. >> trace: an editorial in the "wall street journal" tearing into california governor gavin newsom for disregarding his own social distancing rules and private gatherings even held outdoors. he attended a birthday party for an advisor in napa valley last week with a dozen people. do the powerful get to live by different rules than the rest of us? jeff paul is live in los angeles. what are you hearing in reaction to all this? >> here in california as you know the constant message we've heard from the governor is to avoid large gatherings during
8:17 am
the pandemic. state guidelines prohibit get-togethers of people from different households at the same time in a single place to no more than three households. the governor is admitting he violated that after saying he attended a birthday party in the bay area that included several households. he was there to celebrate the 50th birthday party for long-time friend and lobbyist and political advisor jason kinney. the event was held outside at a restaurant called french laundry was open for usual dining. however, the governor says it probably wasn't the best look for him saying while our family followed the restaurant's health protocols and took safety precautions we should have modeled better behavior and not joined the dinner when health officials are urging people to avoid big gatherings during the upcoming holidays and keep them to just immediate family within their household.
8:18 am
>> we have the guidance and the tips for a reason. we believe they are the strategies to keep ourselves and communities safe and we hope and expect people to take them seriously. >> public restaurant you add risk to yourself because you don't know who the other people around you are. governor made a mistake. he has admitted. he apologized and said it wasn't the best judgment. >> a spokesperson said the governor say the dinner was allowed because it says restaurants limit the number of folks at a single table. whether the limit of three households in private settings applies to restaurants is unclear. >> trace: jeff, thank you. >> dana: the president's daughter slamming the media for a double standard saying they ignored the violence against conservatives this past weekend's million maga march. she said the media's near total
8:19 am
silence about the physical violence against conservatives is physical and dangerous. imagine the outrage and indignation if it went the other way. violence is never the answer and instigators must be arrested and prosecuted. joe concha is joining us now. griff jenkins reported the mayor of d.c. and police chief will have a press conference soon. there were 20 arrests. so we'll maybe get more information on that going forward. to the point that ivanka trump is making here, i think we all know what the media coverage would have been like if this had been the other way. >> dana, like to play the parallel universe. this takes us to a time where let's say there is a biden celebration like we saw last saturday when the race was called in washington, d.c. let's say that a pack of trump supporters descended on the nation's capital and started not just physically attacking biden supporters with fists but also remember one man was
8:20 am
stabbed on saturday night. fireworks launched at people sitting in a restaurant. no one knows what their political affiliation is. fireworks can kill people. so all those things happen and this pack of trump supporters that does this to biden supporters in this parallel universe coming from covering ton catholic high school wearing red maga hats. will it be covered on the front page of the "new york times." there would be special reports on the major networks if something like that happened breaking into regular programming. that's what we see here at this point, dana. a complete double standard and viefrng trump is right. i barely saw anything on this in terms of national coverage outside of this network over the weekend. >> dana: if i were one of those customers that was eating there outside that restaurant and all of a sudden there were fireworks thrown at us i honestly don't think i could recover from that kind of fear because i have not experienced that. americans are a little shocked
8:21 am
this is happening. maybe they shouldn't be shocked, joe. we have seen this building. >> oh, we saw it over the summer, right? senator rand paul was trying to leave the white house and he was assaulted by a mob. the a.p. said rand -- >> dana: senator paul's wife kelly paul tweeted this. watching video of people being assaulted and mobbed by blm and antifa in dc brings back awful memories. want an example of media bias? when rand paul and i spoke out about our assault the a.p. reported our claim was without evidence despite 10 minutes of video. finish your thought there. >> dana: we're reading each other's thoughts we both went to that reference point. npr's headline. the takeaway they had. million maga march draws trump loyalists and far right extremists. what's missing? antifa, blm. the crazies went to d.c. and
8:22 am
violence broke out is the premise from the headline. the way we consume media now, dana, you and i do this as well. scroll through twitter and facebook and see the headline and you say i get it. you don't open the story. headlines need to be accurate in these situations in the case of npr and others i've seen. no mention of antifa and they're the reason perhaps why two officers were also injured in d.c. on saturday night from metro police. >> dana: i had an idea when i was press secretary there should be a new obligation and tradition that reporters should have to initial and sign off on the headlines that go with their stories because if you ever caught a complaint about an article it is the headline and the reporter can always say i didn't write the helped line. >> that's actually accurate in my case. you could suggest headlines but rarely are they used. usually it's an editor. >> dana: don't try to take somebody else out of that job. joe concha, thank you for being
8:23 am
with us today. >> trace: speaking of bias in media professor calling for people to steal a book from stores and then set it on fire. book burning used to make headlines and generate outrage. why it is different now. plus nikki haley fires back on twitter after one of her tweets was flagged accusing the social media giant of having a different set of rules for conservatives than for everyone else. our panel is on deck to debate that next. ♪ i'll be home for christmas ♪ you can count on me ♪ i'll be home for christmas ♪ if only in my dreams ♪
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8:28 am
>> dana: a look at the top stories making news at the bottom of the hour. hurricane iota upgraded to a category 5. the strongest and most dangerous storm possible on track to slam into nicaragua tonight or early tomorrow. >> trace: the governors of washington and michigan are announcing new restrictions as covid-19 sweeps their states. washington reports its number of new cases per case doubled in two weeks. michigan's governor says the situation never be so dire in her state. >> dana: moderna reporting its coronavirus vaccine candidate is nearly 95% effective better than pfizers at 90%. we'll tell you when a vaccine could be available ahead in just a few minutes. >> trace: first one of president-elect joe biden's transition team members advocating for some restrictions on speech making the case in a 2019 "washington
8:29 am
post" column why america needs a hate speech law. let's bring in fox news contributor rachel campos-duffy and a biden campaign spoke person. the op-ed in 2019 pointing to a couple of things. one russia disinformation and two, the burning of the quran. he would like that banned. he writes the following. all speech is not equal and where truth cannot drive out lies we must add new guardrails. i'm all for protecting thought that we hate but not speech that incites hate. it undermines the values of a fair marketplace of ideas that the first amendment is designed to protect. but zach, you have critics pointing out, you know, there are countries where blasphemy, can get you the death penalty. you start banning speech and it is a very slippery slope. >> there is a fine line.
8:30 am
i think you raise a fair point. you can't yell fire in a crowded theater and hate speech itself isn't actually protected. what we're dealing with now in the social media world is trying to determine where dysinformation and where lies and hate speech and freedom of speech is where the line is. difficult for tech companies to self-regulate. from the government standpoint they've been unable to find where that line is even though there is agreement in congress there should be additional regulation in regards to tech companies finding where the line is while still not hindering speech is a tight line to walk. >> trace: it is. a good point, rachel. you talk about banning hate speech. everybody thinks it's a nobel idea, then you look at the list. the list gets longer and longer every year and wider and now you are infringing about liberties and that gets to be a pickle for a lot of people. >> right. the irony that this guy richard who used to be the editor of
8:31 am
"time" magazine before he joined the obama administration is in charge of staffing voice of america. the whole mission of voice of america is to provide information that is uncensored to people who live in countries where governments censor information. the person staffing this up as somebody who believes in curating information and censorship. it is quite ironic. who do we presume is going to determine what is fact and what's not? right now we are living under the dictatorship if you ask me of big tech censors are the left wing pajama boys who get to decide or curate the news for us. it's not the world i want to live in and it's a problem if we have somebody overseeing america's global communications including voice of america who
8:32 am
believes in that. >> trace: mark zuckerberg will be grilled on capitol hill tomorrow. that's breaking news that fits in with our topic, zach. on that same vein we have nikki haley who had tweets flagged by twitter. nikki haley is not happy about this and has that box and her tweets on the one side and she said the response from the ayatollah, which was not flagged by twitter. she writes quoting wow, when iran's ayatollah said the holocaust didn't happen. they didn't say it was disputed. she makes a fair point in this capacity which is everything she tweeted was accurate, 100% accurate and yet it was flagged. what do you think? >> i actually had on the facebook platform i had a facebook post i posted simply
8:33 am
listing places where people could vote in the state of california flagged. i know it is clearly the algorithms do struggle to find where that balance is, back to our earlier point. some of the other points that ambassador haley had pointed out about ballot fraud and election fraud aren't exactly true, though. it is fair to point out the heritage foundation, by no means a liberal propaganda outlet, it's a conservative think-tank does studies there is fraud on mail-in ballots. you are more likely to be struck by lightning. we should also have an honest conversation about how frequent these kinds of things happen and actually not amplify it to a degree where it doesn't exist. i think her point, though, about he quif lance is very important. how is it determined that one is inaccurate and one is flagged and one isn't it? >> trace: we should note back in the primaries rachel on
8:34 am
zach's point more than 500 plus thousand according to the "washington post". 500 plus thousand were rejected because there was something wrong and irregular about them. >> i would say we understand the problem is that the people deciding what needs to be censored or not the end to be very liberal people living in silicon valley and it will obviously go not favor the conservative voices. just before the show, trace, i actually googled censorship for conservatives on twitter and facebook and google told me through about three pages of articles that that's a lie and that it is not true. so we can see that information is being curated by left wingers and it is hurting conservative voices. >> trace: we have to go. good to see you both. mark zuckerberg back on the hill on zoom but in there. we'll have more on that as it
8:35 am
comes in. thank you both. >> i'm not saying the military is love with me. the soldiers are. the top people in the pentagon probably aren't. they want to do nothing but fight wars so all of those wonderful companies that make the bombs and make the planes and make everything else stay happy. but we are getting out of the endless wars. >> dana: to that end the president is reportedly planning to bring american troops home from afghanistan fulfilling a promise he made during the 2016 campaign. there is concern that a quick withdrawal could empower the groups we spent 20 years fighting. trump considers a last-minute troop withdrawal that would jeopardize u.s. interests. jack keane is joining us now. a fox news senior strategic analyst. let me set it up more here. a tweet from president trump, general. he said we should have the small remaining number of our brave men and women serving in
8:36 am
afghanistan home by christmas to put finer point on it. "wall street journal" continuing to say a complete withdrawal all but guarantees a taliban, isis assault on kabul. that would betray the blood and treasure the u.s. has spent for 19 years. that can't be a legacy mr. trump wants. the only beneficiaries of a u.s. withdrawal now would be the taliban, iran and islamic terrorists. let's get your thoughts. >> well first of all i do agree with the "wall street journal"'s conclusions. i know when it comes to afghanistan some of our viewers are rolling their eyes because they have been listening to issues on afghanistan for 19 years. why does it still matter? it matters because there is al qaeda and isis in afghanistan who have aspirations to kill americans and that is why it matters. that's the reason we went there in the first place. it was there the 9/11 operation was conducted and still across
8:37 am
the border and not too many miles away from the afghan border resides the al qaeda leadership and they also have al qaeda inside of afghanistan that are protected by the taliban. our view is if we pull out of there completely, dana, the al qaeda will rise again, protected by the taliban leadership, and have aspirations and methodology to hurt americans again. so our conclusion is well, what can we do to protect against that? we're not involved in the war against the taliban the way we were. there are 300,000 afghan security forces doing that. we provide them air support and give them people to help coordinate it. we have a small counter terrorist force there. the pushback against the al qaeda, the pushback against isis and the pushback against taliban leadership supporting them. we want to keep some semblance of that force there as an
8:38 am
insurance policy to protect the american people. we don't want to contract this out to the taliban who say we'll take care of al qaeda, don't worry about it and we'll take care of isis. one, they don't have the capability of take care of isis and lying through their teeth about al qaeda. they haven't given them up in 20 years. where are we right now? here is what i think where we are. the president said hold at 4500 and conduct a review in january and see what the conditions are and what we should do about it. that review has been accelerated and conducted last week. the choices in front of him pull out completely, stay at 4500 and re-evaluate later or reduce to someplace in the middle. the middle option was i believe has been taken. we'll reduce our forces to something around 2500 or so. i would permit the commander in afghanistan when he gets that
8:39 am
order to adjust the number slightly or timing slightly to make certain we don't put people in jeopardy or reduce our capabilities very quickly at the expense of our own troops. but so i think that's a sound decision in the sense it's an insurance policy against the future protection of the american people. we're doing this in a couple of other places where we're concerned that radical islamists will kill us and it is a modest investment. >> dana: always appreciate your wise counsel. thank you. >> trace: the big breaking news this morning a new vaccine has a lot of people optimistic that the covid nightmare may soon one day be over. we'll tell you when that might be plus why today's announcement is a big win for president trump. dropped even . at newday, veterans can shortcut the refinance process and
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>> this is really a historic
8:44 am
day. this is the vaccine that president trump partnered with moderna on january 13th at our nih labs. now over 90% effective vaccine and one of the largest clinical trials ever. >> dana: operation warp speed takes another leap forward in the fight against covid-19. it could be what it takes to stop the pandemic in its tracks. early data shows the vaccine is nearly 95% effective. the breakthrough comes after the trump administration collaborated with moderna back in january. dr. nicole saphier is here the talk about the amazing in the science. 9 or 10* months later you get the results that look promising. >> incredible news. we've been inundated with good news in the vaccine front in the last couple of weeks and moderna saying it's more efficacy than the pfizer
8:45 am
vaccine. operation warp speed. they put into hundreds of millions of dollars for the vaccine but also allowed these drug companies to in parallel start manufacturing the vaccines. that doesn't usually happen. usually what happens as they go through the clinical trials because less than a third actually will get approved they aren't manufacturing at a large scale. even after approval there is a long delay before it becomes available. but operation warp speed has said no that that. they want to expedite it become available. they have provided billions of dollars to these drug companies to allow them to start manufacturing so as soon as they get approval they will be readily available to distribute across the country. >> dana: smart not to wait for the vaccine to be effective before getting it ready for the distribution phase. i want to ask about this. in your day-to-day work as a very important doctor, especially for people that are maybe vulnerable i want to put up on the screen who should be in line first to get this
8:46 am
vaccine? healthcare personnel, non-healthcare essential workers. adults with high risk medical conditions and people 65 and older. all that make sense to you? >> absolutely. the one thing we were worried about staffing when it comes to our healthcare personnel. i think healthcare workers, other front line workers absolutely should be first in line to get the vaccine followed by the elderly and the other vulnerable populations. >> dana: let's say somebody is over 65 and they get the vaccine, maybe like the ends of december, then can they just go about their business as if they are all fine? >> well, it's interesting. the pfizer reported at 28 days after the first injection. they need two injections. is when they said there was a level of immunity. the moderna started counting cases 14 days after the second dose. so i would say it's probably going to take two to four weeks
8:47 am
after the first injection before you have a level of immunity. there is a little bit of a transition in between. one good thing about the moderna results they showed out of the 11 cases there were severe illness in the people that received the vaccine or placebo. all the severe cases were in the placebo group. the moderna vaccine can prevent severe illness like the flu vaccine does. >> dana: you have excellent children's art behind you. >> thank you. >> trace: what do pete rose, mike tyson and tom brady? they are all in jim gray's new book and he joins us next. (soft chimes)
8:48 am
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>> trace: the world's top ranked golfer brings home the green jacket. dustin johnson won. it was pushed from april to november because of the pandemic. jim gray is a sportscaster and author of the new book talking to goats. we'll get to the book in a moment. i want to talk masters. dustin johnson could have shot 40. his putter was on fire all four days. these guys are destroying augusta. >> it was a remarkable performance and he did break the record and also came winning by five shots is the second largest amount of victory since tiger won by 12
8:53 am
shots in 1997. dustin johnson is the number one player in the world for a reason and put it all together. the conditions of augusta national much different in november. the golf course was soft from all the rain which helped the scoring conditions. >> trace: good point. dustin johnson is a great golfer and tiger took a 10, hit the ball in the water. tiger didn't play his best round. i want to move to the nfl. the cardinals are fun to watch, right? you have young quarterback talent there, hopkins, the hail mary. let's play this and i'll get your comments. >> murray out of the pocket, seven seconds, six seconds, murray. it is caught! >> hurry and hopkins and three
8:54 am
guys and reaches is and gets this. your thoughts on this, jim. >> it just remarkable to see those three buffalo bills right there and hopkins comes down with the ball. he is throwing it across his body, running to his left and throwing the ball under tremendous pressure. that's what professional football brings us. you never know until the last play. that's why they have the hail mary's. not often do they work but when they do it's exhilarating unless you are in buffalo and heartbroken this morning. >> trace: i want to play this sound bite with you and pete rose and you can give us the breaking news on pete rose on the other side. watch. >> do you live with this regret or have you said i'm sorry and moved on? >> i moved on. that's why i don't worry about the hall of fame because i'm the one -- i'm the reason i'm not in the hall of fame. >> i don't know too many people that haven't made a mistake or
8:55 am
two in life. >> i just made a big mistake. >> trace: big mistake he made. likes to still make them apparently, jim >> it's not a mistake anymore but pete did say in the interview last night on the special talking to goats he said that he still bets on baseball but he does it legally now. he does it through the casinos. he said he has given up hope about getting into the hall of fame. as long as my heart is beating they aren't going to let him in. he has come to grips with it and i really appreciate the opportunity to speak with pete. it had been 21 years. a lot of things that had gone on and it was great to sit down with him and hear his views. >> trace: you have had quite a relationship with pete rose over the years. final thoughts on the book. it is fantastic. i want your thoughts. what's the thing we look at in the book talking to goats. greats of all time. jim gray. last 15 seconds. >> it's the stories you've
8:56 am
never heard of all these guys and it has been a great honor and i'm extremely humbled and grateful to have been in the presence of all of these guys and bring some stories to light. there is something for everybody in this book and i hope that the folks will enjoy it as much as you seem to, trace. thank you for your kind words. >> trace: always. look at those awards behind him. this man is not one to mess with. jim gray one of the greats of all time. good to see you as well, my friend. thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: it is a great book. trace and i will be right back. there's no money down, it's the best vehicle that a person who served in the military or is serving today has today to have a new home. if we can possibly get that veteran in a home we're going to do it at newday usa. why would you rent today when you can buy your own home and participate in the american dream?
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>> dana: trace gallagher, thanks for helping me get througthrough the spelling and situation. >> trace: great to be with you, dana. you are the best and "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ >> harris: trump supporter is harassed and attacked at the million maga march in washington, d.c., conservatives are blasting the media for downplaying or outright ignoring violence. 20 arrests in fights between rally-goers and counter protesters who could be seen dowsing trump supporter's with water and taking and burning pro-trump flags. other charges including trump supporter's eating dinner after the march. here it is.


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